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Monday, November 6, 2017 6-8pm

Monte Rio Community Center
20488 Highway 116, Monte Rio

Featured Band: Brother Spellbinder
The daughter of Big Brother & The Holding Co.’s original drummer - Dave Getz - singer/songwriter Alzara Getz grew up in a rock-n-roll scene and learned early that music could move mountains. She formed Brother Spellbinder with guitarist Jamie Wilson, an early graduate from San Francisco’s School of the Arts High School. Two cellists round out the lower registers with rich velvet tones: Rice masters graduate Gabriel Beistline, a regular with The Santa Rosa Symphony, Merced Symphony and many others, and Helena Tietze, daughter of a choir director and organist, an accomplished pianist/keyboardist, and a singer/songwriter herself. Lead guitarist Sean Griffin plays ethereal and sensual riffs that expand the heavenly arc and seasoned drummer Steve La Porta steers the songs with creative variations on the march, joyful world beats and rambunctious two-steps to make your feet move.

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